Designers Guild’s display of exclusive fabrics, from Zefiro Interiors

June 02, 2024
Designers Guild fabric fittings from Zefiro Interiors

Spring brings with it a breath of freshness and renewal, and nothing embodies this spirit better than Designers Guild‘s vibrant fabrics and bold patterns. Zefiro Interiors has captured this essence by transforming its spaces with an extraordinary installation that celebrates the art and beauty of this renowned brand’s products.

Through an explosion of colors and textures, environments come alive, creating atmospheres that tell stories and arouse emotions.

Reference projects: the enchantment of a forest in a dining area

One of Zefiro Interiors’ most recent projects highlights the transformative capacity of Designers Guild products. In a dining area, wallpaper on straw was installed. Representing an enchanted forest. This element not only added depth and texture to the room, but also created an atmospheric and enveloping atmosphere reminiscent of the beauty of nature.

Wallpaper, chosen for its quality and detailed design, perfectly complements the furniture and accessories in the room, creating a visual harmony that is both relaxing and inspiring. The green hues and natural patterns of the wallpaper match the fabrics used for the curtains and pillows, all strictly from the Designers Guild collection.

This project is a perfect example of how the brand’s products can be used to create unique and personalized environments. The photos in this exhibit not only show the visual effect of wallpaper, but also how the skillful use of textiles can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

A dining room set up by Zefiro Interiors with Designers Guild wallpaper from the 2024 Ghirlanda collection
A dining room set up by Zefiro Interiors with Designers Guild wallpaper from the 2024 Ghirlanda collection

Distinctive features of Designers Guild: the unmistakable flair of Tricia Guild

Designers Guild stands out in the interior design scene because of the creativity and innovation of its founder, Tricia Guild. The brand is synonymous with quality, color and originality, with each collection reflecting Tricia’s flair and passion for design.

The new 2024 collection, GHIRLANDA, is a perfect example of the brand’s distinctive approach. This collection includes a wide range of home textiles and coordinating wallpapers featuring a bright and vibrant color palette. Bold colors and floral patterns are Designers Guild’s trademark, with each piece telling a unique story and creating a striking visual impact.

Another distinctive aspect of the brand is the variety of materials. The collection includes monochrome linen and cotton fabrics, ideal for curtains and upholstery, offering a versatile base for any design project. The patterns, on the other hand, range from explosions of flowers to natural landscapes, demonstrating the brand’s great creativity and capacity for innovation. Each season, Tricia Guild renews its style proposals, always bringing new ideas and inspiration to the world of furniture.

In addition to textiles and wallpapers, Designers Guild offers a rich collection of decorative rugs and pillows. Rugs range from single-color degradé designs to more colorful ones, available in standard sizes, while pillows can add a new and fresh touch to any room. This wide range of products makes it possible to create unique and customized combinations, adapting perfectly to different design requirements.

Some fabrics from Designers Guild's new Ghirlanda collection in bright, vibrant colors
Some fabrics from Designers Guild’s new Ghirlanda collection in bright, vibrant colors

Your feedback: appreciation for the uniqueness of Designers Guild

Customer feedback on fittings made with Designers Guild products has been overwhelmingly positive. The brand’s distinctive style of vibrant floral patterns and bold colors has captured the attention of a clientele seeking to express their personalities through furniture. Customers who choose Designers Guild tend to appreciate the energy and vitality that these fabrics and wallpapers bring to rooms.

However, the brand’s versatility goes beyond its iconic floral patterns. Designers Guild also offers a wide range of high-quality plain fabrics that are perfect for projects with neutral tones. These fabrics include textural materials, such as bouclé, pure wools and linens, which add depth and texture to spaces without visually dominating them.

Zefiro Interiors works closely with clients to create pattern and solid color combinations that balance aesthetics and comfort. This customized process ensures that each project reflects the clients’ individual preferences, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Discover interior design services with high-quality fabrics for individuals and professional consulting for businesses and accommodations (hotels, residences, farmhouses).

Designers Guild products include linen and cotton fabrics for curtains and upholstery but also decorative rugs and pillows
Designers Guild products include linen and cotton fabrics for curtains and upholstery but also decorative rugs and pillows

Tips for use: how to choose and use Designers Guild products

For those who wish to integrate Designers Guild’s textile products into their furniture projects, the advice is to visit Zefiro Interiors. The variety of products and their beauty are such that they must be seen and touched to be fully appreciated. At Zefiro Interiors in the Florence and Empoli stores, customers can explore the entire collection, receiving personalized advice on how to combine different elements to create harmonious environments with great visual impact.

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