Dedar 2023 fabric collection: space for textures and plays of colour

June 05, 2023
Discover Dedar 2023 furniture fabric collections at Zefiro Interiors official dealer stores in Florence and Empoli

Dedar 2023 furnishing fabrics offer a unique sensory experience combining colour, material and art, fusing innovation and tradition. The proposals range from total white to multifaceted colour palettes, through bold two-tone combinations to bold geometric graphics.

In this article, we will explore the different collections, their distinctive characteristics and the influence of art in the creation of these extraordinary fabrics.

Zefiro Interiors is an official Dedar dealer and you can find the new collection and all the furnishing fabrics of the Milanese brand in our shops in Florence and Empoli.

White Writings: the art of whiteness and abstractionism

The White Writings collection inaugurates the proposal of Dedar 2023 furnishing fabrics, exalting the versatility of white and its infinite possibilities. The materiality of these fabrics manifests itself through streaks, gradations and graphisms that distinguish the weaving of the fibres, drawing inspiration from the abstractionism of artists such as Arp and Mondrian.

This textile family combines elements of couture, painting and sculpture through the use of the jacquard technique. The White Writings collection is a tribute to abstract art and its ability to go beyond perceived reality, combining different artistic disciplines.

We discover the White Writings collection with the Tiger Snow fabric characterised by its strong personality and evocative capacity. Photo by Ilaria Orsini
The Voulez-Vous striped fabric for seats, headboards and upholstered furniture immortalised by Ilaria Orsini in the colour white liquorice. This and many other models of Dedar furnishing fabrics can be found at Zefiro Interiors

Texturologie VI: Pure Matter and the French Tradition

Texturologie VI, among the new Dedar furnishing fabrics, emphasises pure material with full-bodied and irregular textile coverings. The colour choice focuses on nuances of whites, ecru and greys to enhance the craftsmanship of the fabrics and their connection with the earth and nature. This collection is inspired by the French tradition, from Haute Couture to J-M Frank interiors, evoking an atmosphere of elegance and refinement that is typically European.

Vivacity of Colour: Playful Stripes, Plain Classics and Contemporary Archives

The other Dedar 2023 collections – Playful Stripes, Plain Classics and Contemporary Archives – focus on the vibrancy of colour, both in solid colours and in new combinations, expressing creativity and vitality.

Playful Stripes offers twill fabrics that play with bright lines and colours, suitable for seating and curtains. The stripe, a graphic leitmotif, recalls the world of fashion accessories and conveys a sense of dynamism and freshness.

Plain Classics, on the other hand, emphasises materiality with fabrics in alpaca wool, velvet, merino wool satin and linen panama, characterised by intense and brilliant colours. The collection offers practicality and versatility, combining softness of touch with the expressive power of colours, in a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Finally, Contemporary Archives explores the graphic use of colour through soft and sinuous lines, rigorous and geometric shapes, evoking abstract art and references to nature or non-European cultures. Velvet and satin fabrics come alive with jacquard weaves in vibrant colours, creating a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere.

Dedar: furnishing fabrics and wallpapers

Dedar is an Italian family company founded in 1976 by Nicola Fabrizio and his wife Elda. Based in Como, the heart of Italian textile production, Dedar has conquered the international market thanks to its passion for quality and innovation.

The company creates furnishing fabrics, wallpapers and furnishing accessories, distinguishing itself by the attention to detail and craftsmanship that characterise each of its products.

Over the years, Dedar has become synonymous with quality and sophisticated design. The company has consolidated its importance in the textile furniture sector thanks to its ability to combine tradition and innovation.

Dedar fabrics are made from high-quality materials and subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee excellent and long-lasting performance. The brand is also committed to environmental sustainability, promoting the reduction of ecological impact in production and the use of natural and recycled fibres.

Serenissima Wall linen gauze textile wall covering photographed by Andrea Ferrari. Come and discover Dedar wallpaper in the Zefiro Interiors shops in Florence and Empoli
The Aplomb indoor curtain fabric by Dedar Milano in sunflower colour photographed by Ilaria Orsini. This and other interior curtain fabrics can be found in the Zefiro Interiors shops in Florence and Empoli.

Dedar furnishing fabrics from Zefiro Interiors

For those looking for the best furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the Milanese brand in Tuscany, Zefiro Interiors is the official Dedar dealer. With our experience in the textile furnishing sector and passion for design, we offer a personalised consultancy service, helping customers choose the products best suited to their needs. In the Zefiro Interiors catalogue, you can find the entire range of Dedar furnishing fabrics, as well as the latest additions to the 2023 collection.

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