How to decorate your child’s room with wallpaper

May 07, 2024
Find out how to decorate a child's room with wallpaper with tips from Zefiro Interiors

The room where a baby grows up is an environment where every detail can affect the imagination and well-being of the little one. It is not just a space to sleep or play, but a true microcosm where children can dream and grow. Among the elements that help create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, wallpaper can play a key role: with its patterns and colors it can transform a simple wall into a palette of stories and adventures. In this article, we will explore how the choice of wallpaper can enrich and define our children’s space, making it a unique place tailored to them!

Caselio bedroom wallpaper for sale at Zefiro Interiors
Caselio wallpaper from the Let’s Go Girl collection! Is ideal for creating a bedroom full of energy and liveliness

Why to choose wallpaper for children’s room

Choosing wallpaper for a child’s room is much more than an aesthetic decision; it is a real tool capable of fostering the sensory and intellectual development of young children. The variety of designs and colors available on the market today offers endless possibilities for stimulating creativity and imagination.

For infants, pastel shades and delicate patterns, such as those found in the Harlequin’s Book of Little Treasures collection , invite calm and rest, while the designs inspire sweet dreams. As children grow older, wallpaper adapts to their changing interests: nature lovers can immerse themselves in zoological or botanical scenery, little explorers travel among stars and planets or navigate maps of distant worlds, and young artists be inspired by circus sets or the lively swirl of a ballet.

Each children’s wallpaper collection is an invitation to adventure, where design becomes play and play becomes learning. From an immersion in the universe to a dinosaur ride, each wall becomes a story to be discovered and a dream to be daydreamed about.

Harlequin wallpaper to decorate children's room
Sanderson Dalmatians Disney wallpaper to decorate children's room

Creative ideas for using wallpaper

The versatility of wallpaper makes it a valuable ally in adding character and dynamism to a child’s room. One of the hottest trends is the use of accented walls, which involves applying wallpaper to a single wall to create a focal point. This choice allows you to emphasize a specific area of the room, such as behind the crib or play area, drawing attention and imparting personality without overloading the room. The other walls can be painted in matching colors, creating a color and thematic balance that envelops the room in a warm and welcoming embrace.

In matching wallpaper with furniture, you can play with the synergy between patterns and fabrics, creating a stylistic dialogue between the various elements in the room. The wallpaper can serve as a starting point for the choice of textiles, such as curtains, pillows, and rugs, which echo the colors or themes of the design for a harmonious environment that has been thought through to the smallest detail. This not only facilitates cohesive space design, but also allows for customization that reflects the child’s personality and preferences.

The possibilities are almost endless: you can choose a wallpaper with naturalistic elements and pair it with wooden furniture for a rustic feel, or opt for an abstract, modern motif to go with minimalist, functional furniture. The important thing is to remember that children’s rooms are their sanctum sanctorum, a place to be filled with what they love, in an environment that stimulates their imagination and invites them to dream.

Disney's Sanderson wallpaper with detail of the 100 Acre Forest from Winnie The Pooh
Decorate the children's room with Sanderson Peter Pan Disney wallpaper for sale at Zefiro Interiors

Choosing the right theme

Choosing a theme for wallpaper in a child’s room is an important decision that goes far beyond mere decoration; it involves selecting a design that can reflect the child’s interests and passions, serving as a daily stimulus and inspiration. Listening to the little ones, observing their favorite games and activities, can offer valuable insights: for an astronomy enthusiast, a celestial wallpaper; for a future biologist, a rich biodiversity to explore on the walls of their room.

No less significant is the choice of educational themes. Wallpaper can become a vehicle for learning: historical maps, stylized alphabets or elements of the periodic table can turn into a playful immersion in knowledge. A child who falls asleep dreaming among the continents or planets of the solar system is a child who learns through play, who grows up immersed in an environment that challenges his intelligence and curiosity.

In addition, wallpaper can be used to inculcate ecological values by choosing themes that promote sustainability and love of nature, or to promote gender equality with themes that depict female and male characters in non-stereotypical roles.

Wallpaper is therefore a formidable tool to contribute to the education and growth of children in an environment that is both educational and fun. Carefully choosing the theme means investing in an element that will be an integral part of their days and development.

Sanderson Alice in Wonderland Disney-themed wallpaper to decorate children's room
Sanderson Alice-in-Wonderland Disney-themed wallpaper for sale at Zefiro Interiors
Two examples of the Alice in Wonderland themed wallpaper
Of the Disney Home X Sanderson collection for sale at Zefiro Interiors

The best brands for wallpaper

In an increasingly rich market, wallpaper brands stand out for their quality, design and ability to interpret contemporary trends while respecting the needs of young children. Among the best-known names in the interior design scene, some have specialized in collections dedicated to childhood, offering solutions ranging from playful designs to educational themes, from fairy tale classics to modern interpretations of fantastical worlds.

Custom digital wallpapers are a modern and flexible option that can adapt to the precise size of the room and reflect individual interests and passions. This technology allows for custom-made subjects, from more figurative and narrative to geometric patterns, millerighe or polka dots, in a range of possibilities that satisfy every taste and growth stage.

Among the brands that stand out in the industry is the aforementioned Harlequin, whose Book of Little Treasures collection offers a range of wallpapers and matching fabrics ideal for accompanying children from infancy to adolescence. The Sanderson Design group also offers collections such as Disney Home x Sanderson , which reinterpret beloved Disney characters in elegant and dreamy ways, perfect for fans of classic stories.

Pierre Frey, with fabrics and wallpapers such as Confettis, plays with colors and shapes, creating cheerful and dynamic settings. Caselio, with its collection Let’s Go Girls! , focuses on lively designs full of energy, ideal for creating rooms that express freedom and vivacity. Finally, Rebel Walls with the Dreamland Collection offers enchanted vistas and playful landscapes that transform walls into true visual stories.

Each brand, in its own way, contributes to making the children’s room a unique and personal space where dreams take shape and design stimulates the imagination.

If you’re ready to transform your child’s room with high quality, designer wallpaper, remember that the brands mentioned in this article are available at Zefiro Interiors stores, an official retailer of major furniture fabric brands. Discover their selection and create a unique and personal space for your little one!

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