Interior design in Florence for a house in the hills with installation of Dedar curtains to divide the open-plan living area

In this fascinating residential project for a rustic residence nestled in the Florentine hills, we collaborated with architect Gabriella Vetrugno to create a unique environment by studying the use of curtains in the various rooms of the house.

The use of Dedar double-sided curtains to separate the areas of the large open space made it possible to realise the theatre effect
The leather and fabric cushions decorated with a border made by Houlès Paris

The living area, a large open space, has been furnished with double-sided Dedar velvet curtains, customised with elegant matching trimmings to create the ‘theatre effect’ desired by our client. In addition, a double tent was provided to frame the panorama.

The dining room where double curtains have been installed to frame the large windows
The dining room where double curtains have been installed to frame the large windows

In the sleeping area, on the other hand, double curtains create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, shielded from the outside light. In the bathrooms, we opted for soft, very curly curtains to filter natural light and complement the furnishings already present.

Finally, we completed the project by making decorated cushions in leather and fabric, with a beautiful border taken from the Houlès Paris trimmings collection.

The double curtain and soft veils used to filter natural light in the bathroom
Houlès Paris trimmings such as cords, drapes and borders were used to decorate the curtains in the various rooms

Interior design in a farmhouse in the Florentine hills

June 05, 2023
We collaborated with architect Gabriella Vetrugno on a project for a rustic home in the Florentine hills, using curtains, trimmings and cushions in the different rooms.
Contributors: Architetto Gabriella Vetrugno
Location: Florence
Brand: Dedar, Houlès Paris
Products: double-sided velvet curtains, trimmings, cushions
Rooms: living room, bathroom, bedroom

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