Our work starts with our consulting service for the interior design of living spaces.

Starting from the customer’s request, we visit the environment to understand it and what are the primary needs to be met.

The next meeting will take place in-store, where we will discuss solutions to match fabrics with wallpapers and make a selection according to the customer’s taste.

From here, thanks to the wide range of items, we will be able to customize the product, directing the customer in both stylistic and functional choices that are most suitable for their home. Each creation is created ad hoc for each customer. Our product is bespoke: we invest our attention and creativity into each and every job, relying on the artisan know-how and specialized upholsterers we use to offer a high quality product.

We approach every curtain, every sofa and every environment with the utmost professionalism and drive to excellence, always bringing a touch of originality and novelty. We take care of all phases of the design process, from selecting the materials, to preparing the products, to their installation.


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